MUSIC 255/ARTSTUDI 239: Intermedia Workshop

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics(CCRMA)

Music Department, Stanford University

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Students develop and produce intermedia works. Musical and visual approaches to the conceptualisation and shaping of time-based art. Exploration of sound and image relationship. Study of a wide spectrum of audiovisual practices including experimental animation, video art, dance, performance, non-narrative forms, interactive art and installation art. Focus on works that use music/sound and image as equal partners.

* MUSIC 155 or 255, ARTSTUDI 239 (3~4 Units)

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The Prelinger Footage Archive

Directions to Allen Steel, Redwood City

Directory for Bay Area junk yards, salvage, surplus, supplies, markets etc.

Directory for Bay Area electronic leftovers

  • Project 1: David Tudor - Rainforest IV
  • Project 2: Projection Project
  • Final Project
Course Schedule
1.6 M
Intro, Syllabus, Context and Definitions of Intermedia @ CCRMA Stage. Introduction to David Tudor and Rainforest IV Notes
1.7 T
Allen Steel Scrap Yard Visit (Redwood City): 1pm-3pm.
Carpooling will be discussed during introductory class
1.8 W
"Bring an Object" Try outs and discussion of an object to be used in Rainforest IV
Reading for Wed 15th with accompanying images Plate 1 | Plate 2
1.13 M
Critique 1: First presentation of Rainforest IV objects with their sounds
1.15 W
Lecture:Installation Art
1.20 M
MLK Day (No class)
1.22 W
Rainforest IV Rehearsal: 7pm-10pm @ CCRMA Stage
1.27 M
(normal class time and evening)
Rainforest IV Concert @ CCRMA Stage
Final set-up during class, with concert starting at 8pm
1.29 W
Lecture: Fantasmagoria
2.3 M
Lecture: Intermedia I
2.12 W
Projection Projects Presentation @ Listening Room 7pm-10pm
2.17 M
President's Day (No Class)
2.19 W
Discussion: Final Projects Formal Proposal
2.24 M
Critique: 7pm-10PM discussion and demonstrations of your Final Projects AND Proof of Principle @ CCRMA Listening Room
2.26 M
Work Session
2.27 Th
Performance: Greg Pope
3.3 M
Critique: 7pm-10pm First Version of Final Project
3.5 W
Work Session
3.10 M
Work Session
3.12 W
Final Project Presentations throughout CCRMA

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