MUSIC 150 – Hearing Curve and Loudness Scaling


Due Monday, 2/6/12 by 5pm


Hearing Curve

(1)  Visit the website

(2)  Perform the hearing test 2 times and compare.

(3)  Print out both curves and turn in by Monday, 2/6 at 5pm.


Loudness Scaling

If you completed the demonstration in class, skip to step (4).

(1)  Print out the worksheet on which to record your answers.

(2)  Listen to tracks 19 and 20 on loudness scaling (in order). You may need to save the links if they do not open and play in a new window. Note that track 20 begins with the reference noise, followed by the loudest and softest overall, so do not rate those three noise bursts.

(3)  Listen to all twenty of the noise sets and put your loudness ratings of the test burst in each row of Column 1 of the worksheet (L.R.). Use only positive values for your ratings.

(4)  In Column 2 (log LR), put the log (base 10, as we have been using in class) of each value from Column 1.

(5)  On the bottom part of the worksheet, plot Column 3 values (Lp) on the x-axis against Column 2 values on the y-axis.

(6)  Using your plotted points, draw the line of best fit going through them (by inspection is fine).

(7) Turn in the worksheet with your ratings and plot by Monday, 2/6 at 5pm.


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