Music 128x | fall 2008
Composing, Coding, and Performance with Laptop Orchestra (extended seminar)
Ge Wang

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class: W 7-10pm
location: CCRMA Stage (the Knoll)
slorkshop: CCRMA Listening Room (where stations will be set up when not in class)
prerequisite: by instructor's permission only (please contact Ge!)

course summary:

This course is a workshop seminar focused on composing and coding for, and performance with, laptop orchestra. This is an extension of the classroom/ensemble instantiation of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk). Topics and activities will include issues of composing for laptop orchestras, sound synthesis, programming, instrument design, live performances, with the goal of designing instruments and crafting pieces for the upcoming SLOrk ensemble (in Spring 2009). Those interested in taking laptop orchestra for the first time should consider Music 128 in Spring 2009.

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