Music 128 || CS 170 | spring 2014
Stanford Laptop Orchestra: Composition, Coding, and Performance

Ge Wang and Spencer Salazar (TA)

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class: W 7:00-10:00pm
location: CCRMA Stage (the Knoll)
slorkshop: CCRMA Listening Room (where stations will be set up when not in class)

prerequisite: by instructor's permission (see below)

NOTE: Please email the teaching staff a short description of your interest in SLOrk, and tell us about your music and/or programming background (neither is strictly necessary if one is willing to learn as part of the course). We will send you the permission number needed to enroll.
Our emails are: {ge} (at)

course summary:

This course explores composing and coding for, and performance with, laptop orchestra. This is the full classroom/ensemble instantiation of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk). Topics and activities will include issues of composing for laptop orchestras, sound synthesis, programming, instrument design, live performance. Coursework includes designing laptop-mediated software musical instruments, crafting musical works, and live performance as part of the laptop orchestra.

major performances: (full schedule for ensemble)