Music 128 || CS 170 | spring 2012
Composing, Coding, and Performance with Laptop Orchestra
Ge Wang + Hongchan Choi (TA) + Linden Melvin (TA)

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class: W 7:00-10:00pm
location: CCRMA Stage (the Knoll)
slorkshop: CCRMA Listening Room (where stations will be set up when not in class)
prerequisite: by instructor's permission (see below)

NOTE: please email Ge and Jieun with a short description of your interest in SLOrk, and tell us about your music and/or programming background (neither is strictly necessary if one is willing to learn as part of the course). We will send you the permission number needed to enroll.
Ge and Jieun's emails are: ge(at) and jieun5(at)

course summary:

This course explores composing and coding for, and performance with, laptop orchestra. This is the full classroom/ensemble instantiation of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk). Topics and activities will include issues of composing for laptop orchestras, sound synthesis, programming, instrument design, live performance. Coursework includes designing laptop-mediated software musical instruments, crafting musical works, and live performance as part of the laptop orchestra.


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