Music 120Z: etude #7 - gradual process

Write a short composition where the form is defined by a gradual process.

You may use any available source materials for this assignment, and record new materials in the lab.
Work in stereo.
Your composition may be as short as a minute or as long as a few minutes.

Possibilities & models:
Your process may be a method (or even a series of techniques) which gradually transform a chosen source material (as in Alvin Lucier's "I am sitting in a room"; or it might be a method which governs the disposition of your source materials in time (Steve Reich's Come Out may be understood this way). Processes might govern the pitch of materials, their loudness, their duration, their timbre, or any other feature or parameter.
You also might consider using multiple, mutually reinforcing processes. A simple example is "naive" pitch-shifting, which changes the duration of a sound at the same time; a more complex example might involve linking the intensity of signal processing to the amplitude of the sound and the timbre chosen.
Processes might follow a number of different lines and curves; think about exponential and logarithmic processes as well as linear ones.
You might pursue a "minimalist" experience which encourages the listener to get very deeply involved with a limited set of sonic or musical qualities, or you might try filling out a very clear and simple process with a wider range of materials.

Clarity: is your process audible and recognizable by the listener?
Progression & transition: is the progression of your process convincing? can the progression be so gradual as to be imperceptible? or, is it clear why the process moves with the "steps" it does?
Creativity: !

Burn your final draft onto an audio CD; please label it with your name and the assignment number.
Submit your plan and CD in class on Monday, November 17th, 2003.

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