Music 120Z: etude #5 - arch form

Write a short composition in an arch form: A - B - C - B' - A'. The "A" sections should concentrate on rhythmic gestures; the "B" sections should present material which is "ambient" or out-of-tempo; the "C" section should present material with a dramatically changing tempo (either an acceleration or a deceleration). The "A" and "B" materials should be slightly or considerably varied when they return at the end of the form.

You may use any available source materials for this assignment, and record new materials in the lab.
Work in stereo.
Your composition may be as short as a minute or as long as a few minutes.

This assignment draws on many of the techniques and challenges we've already discussed: the "theme and variations" and "ostinato" assignments in particular. Think about your solutions for those assignments and also try to imagine new possibilities!

Transitions: can you segue convincingly between the contrasting sections? what about the A materials encourages a transition (or a sharp jumpcut) to the B section (& etc.)?
Variation: what causes the B and A materials to be varied when they return? how do they change?
Durations: are the lengths of each section appropriate? how do they relate to one another?
Creativity: !

Burn your final draft onto an audio CD; please label it with your name and the assignment number.
Submit your etude in class on Monday, November 3rd, 2003.

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