Music 120Z: etude #3 - ostinato / groove

Write a short composition which uses environmental and "found" sounds to establish an ostinato or groove, and then makes a gradual transition to a second ostinato in a different meter or tempo.

Use sound files from last year's "audio scavenger hunt" or from this year's (recorded on Monday 10/13); both sets of files are given in the "120z-course-materials" folders.
Work in stereo (the source materials are each split into two files -- the left and right channels).
Your composition may be as short as one minute or as long as a few minutes.

Develop an ostinato based on traditional instrumental roles (percussion, bass instrument, harmony instruments, melody instruments). Various forms of DSP transformation may help to emphasize or create pitched material.
Develop a groove oriented entirely towards percussive aspects of the found sounds (or of edited portions of those sounds).
Develop an ostinato which concentrates on sustaining sounds rather than percussive ones.
Vary your groove with each repetition: by varying the timing of individual elements, by subsituting one sound for another, or by varying the loudness of individual elements to create "accents."
There are a variety of ways to create gradual transitions between a pair of ostinati: possibilities include accelerando / ritardando (gradual speed-up or slow-down); adding or removing elements of one groove in order to move to the second; having two different meters simultaneously in play, and "crossfading" between them (conceptually or actually); using a recurring "signal" to announce and initiate changes; and making sudden changes to one parameter (dynamics, elements, rhythmic aspects) of the groove at a time.

Daring: make the two grooves as different as possible from one another (different materials, different tempi, different dynamics, different meter, different "feel").
Materials: make the ostinati as compelling and lively as possible.
Duration: think about the balance between repetition and variation; what justifies the duration and repetition of the groove?
Progression: segue as convincingly as possible from one ostinato to the other.
Creativity: !

Burn your final draft onto an audio CD; please label it with your name and the assignment number.
Submit your etude in class on Monday, October 20th, 2003.

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