Stanford University: Music 120Z
Musique Concrète in the Digital Era
Mondays & Wednesdays 1:15-3:05, Fall 2003
CCRMA "Dungeon": Room 100B
The Knoll, 660 Lomita Drive

instructor: Christopher Burns
office hours: CCRMA 217, Mondays 3:05-4:30, and by appointment
telephone: 723-4971 x. 352

Course description:
Introduction to experimental music composition using computer software (Pro Tools). For music majors or non-majors, novice or experienced composers alike; geared toward computer music beginners. Topics include: compositional techniques; sound editing; basic signal processing; stereo and multi-channel diffusion; electronic music performance practice; historical overview of related electronic music; discussion of the meaning of sound, the aesthetic and legal ramifications of plunderphonics, and metaphor in electronic music. Students will complete regular weekly composition etudes and larger projects, to be presented in concert.

There are no prerequisites for the course. Students will find that experience in music theory, music composition, electronic music, and digital editing will be useful; however, such experience is not assumed. Qualities that will be essential to the course are patience, curiosity, industriousness, diligence, creativity, and aesthetic open-mindedness. The course is limited to sixteen participants.

Course materials:
Listening and reading assignments for the course will be on reserve in the Music Library. Blank CDRs are required for backing up files and submitting assignments.

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