Here is a quick walk through of Logic and Reaper – following these are some Ardour tutorials

Tutorial 2: Ardour (Due by 1/14 and 16, Required for Homework 1 and 2)

1a: Download and Setup Ardour
1b: Open Ardour
1c: Tracks, Importing and Editing Audio
1d: Using Portable Recorders
1e: Exporting and sharing files in Sound Cloud

Tutorial 2: Ardour Effects (Due by 2/23, Required for Homework 3)

2a: Vewing Options in Ardour
2b: Plugins and EQ in Ardour
2c: Ardour Automation
2d: Track Options – Looping and Repeating
2e: Mixer Options – Bussing

Tutorial 3: Video, Reverb, Recording, and some Extra Tips

3a: Working with Video in Ardour
3b: Reverb in Ardour
3c: More Session Management Techniques
3d: Recording in Ardour

Send your completed videos by Dropbox/WeTransfer to Eoin  – ecallery@ccrma.stanford.edu

Tutorial 4:

An Incredibly Short Survey of Easy Audio Effect Examples of Delays, Distortions, Flange, Phaser, Pitch Shifting.