Equipment Available

Equipment Available for Checkout at Lathrop Library:

10 Portable Recorders –  Zoom H1
1 Portable Recorder – Zoom H4
4 Headphones – Sony MDR 7506
1 49-key keyboard – Akai MPK 249
1 25-key keyboard – Akai MPK 225
1 Controller – Akai Professional APC MINI Ableton Live Controller
4 Microphones – Sennheiser E835
2 Audio Interfaces – Tascam USB 2×2
5 1/4″ Cables
10 XLR Cables
1 Audio Snake
2 Mic Stand Pairs (4 total)


Pictures of Gear

Pdf with the gear available at Lathrop



Instructions for Checking Out Equipment:

Here are the instructions for checking out recorders:

  1. Go to The Tech Desk at Lathrop Learning Hub in Lathrop Library, Floor 1.
  2. The equipment that we have is not necessarily searchable in the standard library Searchworks database.  It is best if you know what you need before you go to the library and maybe have a picture available.  Here is a pdf with the gear available at Lathrop.
  3. Ask for the piece of gear that you want to check out and tell them that you are in Music 101: Introduction to Creating Electronic Sounds.  They should have a google doc that lists who is enrolled in the course.
  4. Let us know if you have any problems so that we can help resolve them.