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CCRMA Concert Series Schedule


This is the second of two exchange concerts between CNMAT (UC Berkeley) and CCRMA (Stanford). This concert presents faculty and graduate student composers associated with the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies working in electroacoustic media, including an eclectic mix of pieces for live electronics, electronics with acoustic instruments, installation, and tape.

Music by: Jean Ahn, Cindy Cox, Evelyn Ficarra, Heather Frasch, Jason Levis, John MacCallum, Jen Wang, David Wessel and Michael Zbyszynski.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

On the program:
sans histoire
for violoncello and electronics by Heather Frasch
Leighton Fong, violoncello

Submarine Revisited
a radiophonic work in stereo by Evelyn Ficarra

for clarinet and electronics by Jen Wang
Matt Ingalls, clarinet

i was 5, v was 14
for 8 channel tape by Michael Zbyszynski

Folksong Revisit
for piano and electronics by Jean Ahn
Mei-Fang Lin, piano

Nature is
for stereo tape by Cindy Cox

for double bass and electronics by Jason Levis
Lisa Messacappa, double bass

frozen into shards of ice
for 8 channel sound by John MacCallum

for improviser and RA1 Touchpad Controller by David Wessel

Pre-Concert Sound Installation:
nocturne for a drowned machine
for 8 channel sound by Daniel Cullen, Evelyn Ficarra, Heather Frasch and others

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305


Jean-Claude Risset

Jean-Claude Risset's music is situated at the crossroad between art, science and technology. A true pioneer in the integration of music, sound and technology, Risset has expanded the role of composer and physicist alike by exploring the microstructure of sound through computer-based analysis and synthesis. CCRMA is pleased to offer this concert featuring a retrospective of his compositional work.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On the program:
Mutations (film by Lillian Schwartz, 1973)
2-track tape synthesized by computer, (1969)

5 Resonant Soundscapes (2002)
for 8-track tape

Nature contre nature (2005)
for percussion and 2-track tape
Florian Conzetti, percussion

Duet for one pianist : three Etudes (1991)
for interactive acoustic piano
Chryssie Nanou, piano

Sud III (1984)
for 4-track tape

Oscura on the poem Noche Oscura by San Juan de la Cruz, (2005)
for soprano and 2-track tape
Maureen Chowning, soprano

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305


Strings Apart

CCRMA/SARC present a networked piano duo in which Mark Applebaum and Pedro Rebelo, playing 7000 miles apart explore improvised responses to 'being there' and 'being apart'. The event uses software developed both at CCRMA and SARC for audio transfer and graphic visualisation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
12:15 PM - [CA time}

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305


Influences: a tribute concert

In collaboration with the Computer History Museum, and in celebration of Max Mathews' eightieth birthday, six composers and lifelong friends from around the world, will be presenting a retrospective of his work and influence through technology and music.

Sunday, April 29, 2007
Hahn Auditorium
4:00 PM - Pre-concert talk
5:00 PM - Influences : a tribute concert
6:30 PM - Reception

On the program:

Prescita Eyes on Max (2007)
for Violin and Radio Baton by Jon Appleton

John, Max, X, Y & Z
A piece of 11' in four parts : Allegro, Adagio, Minuet, Presto by Evelyne Gayou

Score IV for Max Mathews (b.1926) on his 80th
Celetto and Radio Baton with computer generated sound by Chris Chafe
Video Conductor by Greg Niemeyer

Attracteurs étranges II, III, IV (Strange Attractors)
for clarinet (B flat and bass) and computer-generated tape by Jean-Claude Risset

Un Madrigal gentile
for Tape alone by Gerald Bennett

Sea Songs
for soprano and Radio Baton by Dexter Morrill
Maureen Chowning, voice
Rob Hamilton, electronics

Tickets: FREE

Required registration: CHM Registration Page

Hahn Auditorium
Computer History Museum
1401 N. Shorline Blvd. Mountain View, CA 94043


Made at Stanford

The Stanford Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Jindong Cai presents a concert featuring pieces by Stanford composers and a performance of the legendary Rhythmicana by Henry Cowell featuring Max Mathews, Radio Baton.

Thursday, April 26, 2007
8:00pm, Dinkelspiel

On the program:

Sock Monkey: Transcription of a Little Girl Running around the House
by Mark Applebaum

The Twilight of Our Minds
for large orchestra with electronics, by Per Bloland

Rhythmicana by Henry Cowell
Max Mathews, radio baton

Tickets: $10 general admission/$5 students

Tickets can be purchased at the door or purchased in advance from the Stanford Ticket Office: (650) 725-2787

Braun Music Center
Stanford, CA 94305


GRM Presents

A pioneering center in musical research, the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), is the heart of French musical creation. A unique place where creation, research and conservation in the fields of sound and electroacoustic music coexist.

It was during his research work on the use and transformation of recorded sounds, that Pierre Schaeffer "invented" musique concrète in 1948. Ten years later, he created the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, now part of the French Radio Television (RTF) Research Service.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:
Dans un point infini by Beatriz Ferreyra
2006, L'aube rouge by Christian Zanési
Zaoum by Evelyne Gayou
Cronicas del tiempo by Diego Losa
Spaces of mind by Daniel Teruggi

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Ge Wang
Computer Music Recital For Make Benefit The Glorious Musical Public of CCRMA

with special guests John Chowning and Zakir Hussain

Laptop orchestra works adapted for the CCRMA Stage; John Chowning's Stria with real-time visualization; live coding performance; and a special live performance featuring Ustad Zakir Hussain and laptop ensemble.

Monday, April 16, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Laptop Chamber Music (Now in Surround Sound)
i. Drone On by Dan Trueman and Ge Wang
ii. CliX by Ge Wang
iii. On The Floor by Scott Smallwood
iv. Take it for Granite by Perry Cook
v. Crystalis by Ge Wang

Stria by John Chowning
with real-time visualization by Ge Wang, Ananya Misra, and Perry Cook

The Tao of On-the-fly Crashing by Ge Wang

LapTala for Ustad Zakir Hussain, tabla and laptop ensemble by Ge Wang

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Roberto Morales-Manzanares

"The spontaneous composition, improvisation or real time composition, requires immediate reaction, good structural memory to negotiate within the sonic objects been generated, a vast literature and skills in instrumental techniques and a higher coercive level of perception in order to create a clear and coherent instantaneous discourse.
In this concert I share my experience as a performer-composer within a multi-platform programming environments involving signal processing and machine learning techniques."
Roberto Morales

Thursday, April 12, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:
Melco , for solo flute
Nahual II, Chamula Harp and live electronics
Cenzontle , flute, video and live electronics
Tangueo , solo harp
SC New I , Pre-Colombian flutes, disklavier and live electronics

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Radio Reflections
Curated by Sile O'Modhrain

A short trip through the history of radio, taking us back to an era when sound literally emerged from the ether and was tied to the physics and geography of the planet, to the era of the ethernet where radio broadcasting is freed from the constraints of place and even time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
7:00pm, CCRMA Lounge, Stage

On the program:
Early Signals by Darren Copeland
Radio Music by John Cage
Far West News by Luc Ferrari
Streams by Sile O'Modhrain

The concert will be preceeded by a short Interactive exhibition with poster demonstrations relating to:
The Crystal Radio
The Advent of Broadcasting
The Birth of Continuity
Radio Receivers
Building your own radio station

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


100 Meeting Places
A 4-way concert involving four venues across the United States

Weave Soundpainting Orchestra, Tintinnabulate, CCRMA, and DANM collaborate via the internet for this cutting-edge performance. Using live audio and video streams, the four groups will perform together in real time using a super high-speed internet connection called Internet 2 with Jack Trip software developed by Chris Chafe.

Thursday, March 22, 2007
5:00pm, CCRMA Stage

The four venues are:
RPI at Troy, New York
Tintinabulate Ensemble directed by Pauline Oliveros, technical support by Jonas Braasch

DANM at Santa Cruz, California
Mixed Ensemble directed by Cynthia Payne,
technical support by Lynne Sheehan, Jim Warner, Bob Vitale, Joe Owens,Terry Figel and Lyle Troxell

Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois
Weave Soundpainting Orchestra directed by Sarah Weaver, technical support by Christopher Sorg

CCRMA at Stanford, California
SOUNDWire directed by Chris Chafe, technical support by Juan Pablo Caceres

Tickets: FREE

Detailed program


The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Nicholas Isherwood
Bass Baritone

Nicholas Isherwood is one of the leading singers of early music and contemporary music in the world today. He has worked with Joel Cohen, William Christie, Peter Eötvös, Paul McCreesh, Nicholas McGegan, Kent Nagano, Zubin Mehta and Gennadi Rozhdestvensky as well as composers Sylvano Bussotti, Elliott Carter, George Crumb, Hans Werner Henze, Mauricio Kagel, György Kurtág, Olivier Messiaen, Giacinto Scelsi, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis in prestigious venues around the world (La Scala, Covent Garden, the Théatre des Champs Elysées, Salzburg Festival, Concertgebouw, Berlin Staatsoper, Vienna Konzerthaus, Tanglewood). He has improvised with Steve Lacy, Joelle Léandre, Sainkho Namtchilak and David Moss, recorded 48 cds and appeared in three films. He has published an article on Scelsi the journal of the Scelsi Foundation. His article on the vocal vibrato will be published next year in the Journal of Singing in 2007 and his book The Techniques of Singing will be published in 2008 by Bärenreiter Verlag. He has been visiting professor of singing at SUNY at Buffalo, Notre Dame and the Ecole Normale de Musique and taught master classes in venues such as the Paris Conservatoire, Salzburg Mozarteum, Milan Conservatory and Stanford.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Berechit by Florence Baschet
voice and 2channel tape

Chashmal by David Felder
voice, 8track tape, video by Elliot Caplan

Phonophonie by Mauricio Kagel
voice, 4channel tape-arranged by Stefano Bassanese, live and prerecorded video

Tickets: FREE Admission

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Camille Hesketh, soprano
Juan Parra Cancino, electronics

WireGriot seeks to (re)construct a repertoire for solo voice that is actively challenged and enhanced by the use of technology through a shared desire to explore the blurry borders of contemporary music. By showing the voice in three stages-highly exposed and alone, manically disguised, and calmly blended within an electronic albeit 'natural' surrounding- Camille Hesketh and Juan Parra seek contrasting ways in which a human voice can be used to express to both the cognitive and intuitive senses.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Denk mal das denkmal by Ton Bruynèl
Tu Recuerdo Manda
Accumulation of Hesitation II by Juan Parra C
Djamila Boupachà by Luigi Nono
Voices by James Tenney
Il nome by Richard Karpen

Tickets: FREE Admission

WireGriot is sponsored by the Gaudeamus Foundation, the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague, the Canada Council for the Arts and Lex van der Broek.

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Stefan Östersjö
guitar (s) and electronics

Stefan Östersjö is at present one of the most active musicians in the contemporary field in Sweden, with regular performances at major festivals and concert series for contemporary music in Sweden and worldwide.

Thursday, February 8, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Works for guitar, 10-string guitar, electric guitar and electronics by Natasha Barrett, Viking Eggeling, Michele Tadini, Henrik Frisk, Kent Olofsson, Richard Karpen and Paul Dolden

Tickets: FREE Admission

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Duo Alterno
Tiziana Scandaletti, soprano
Riccardo Piacentini, composer and pianist

The DUO ALTERNO was born in Turin (Italy). Through concerts and master classes they seek to promote the vocal-piano repertoire from the early Twentieth Century to living composers, with particular attention to Italian music. Many composers (including Giacomo Manzoni and Ennio Morricone) have written pieces for soprano Tiziana Scandaletti and for pianist-composer Riccardo Piacentini, both of whom are graduated with top marks in History of Music as well as in their respective fields of performance.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Works for voice, piano and electronics by Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, Ennio Morricone, Riccardo Piacentini, and Ada Gentile

Tickets: FREE Admission

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Chryssie Nanou
Piano and electronics

CCRMA's Artistic Coordinator presents a compelling program of contemporary piano repertoire for solo piano and electronics.

Thursday, November 30, 2006
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Two Studies for Piano by Witold Lutoslawski
Etude 4: Fanfares by György Ligeti
Replication by Chris Chafe
Elegy by Mark Applebaum
Sonata in Ut#
Sonata in Ré by Padre Antonio Soler
Orbiting Gardens by Christos Hatzis

Tickets: FREE Admission

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Eliot Gattegno
Saxophone and electronics

"there is no question the future of his instrument is in safe hands." -Richard Dyer from the Boston Globe
An selection of new works by a younger generation of composers presented by one of the most prolific new musicians.

Thursday, November 2, 2006
8:00pm, CCRMA Stage

On the program:

Reflets/Reflexions/Implosions by Alexander Sigman
Sequenza VIIb by Luciano Berio
L'air d'ailleurs- Bicinium by Fabien Levy
Distortion by Eric Wubbels
Interior by Jeff Snyder
Quintet by Per Bloland
In Other Words, by Bruno Ruviaro

Tickets: FREE Admission

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Computer Music on The Farm: The Beginning
A CyberSound Celebration

An exploration of the beginning stages of Computer Music at Stanford and a celebration of works by Stanford Music Professors Leland Smith and John Chowning. There will also be a special tribute to John Chowning from the members of his 1966 Freshman Seminar "Science, Music and Man".

Saturday, October 14, 2006
3:30 pm, Panel Discussion, CCRMA Classroom

The Panel will focus on the early history of computer music at Stanford and how the work of Professors Smith and Chowning led to major developments in the publishing and production of music and the founding of CCRMA. The Panel will also include discussion of the nature and future of computer music, will be open for participation by any interested individuals, and will feature special guests Max Mathews and Les Earnest.

6:30pm, Concert, CCRMA Courtyard

Rhaspody for Flute and Computer
Rondino for Computer
by Leland Smith

Four Canons from The Musical Offering
by J.S.Bach/Leland Smith

Introduction to Rhymicana
by Henry Cowell/Leland Smith

Stria for multi-channel tape
Voices for soprano and electronics
by John Chowning

Tickets: Both events are FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Graeme Jennings

Graeme Jennings, violinist. A veteran of contemporary music, former member of the legendary Arditti String Quartet (1994-2005), Graeme has toured widely throughout the world, made more than 70 CDs, given over 200 premieres and received numerous accolades including the prestigious Siemens Prize (1999) and two Grammaphone awards.

He will be presenting for us masterpieces by Italian Contemporary composers, a selection from his wide solo repertoire.

Sequenza VIII by Luciano Berio
Widmung by Bruno Maderna
Argot by Franco Donatoni
My New Address by Stefano Scodanibbio
6 Capricci by Salvatore Sciarrino
Chant d'hiver for solo violin and tape
by Giorgio Colombo Taccani

Thursday, October 12, 2006
8:00 pm, CCRMA Stage

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map


Morales, Mitchell, Chafe

Anything can happen when chamber players step off the page and improvise. Now add some electronics and that's what you'll hear this evening from the extraordinary trio.

A genre-defying improvisation with
Roberto Morales, piano/ flutes
Roscoe Mitchell, saxophone
Chris Chafe, celletto

Presented by Stanford Music Department's Chamber Music Live.

Saturday, October 7, 2006
8:00 pm, CCRMA Stage

Tickets: FREE

The Knoll
660 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stage map

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