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Music 154 Spring 2011 - Listening Blog

Listening Reports from Music 154 students, Spring 2011

Music 154 Spring 2011 - Listening Blog

Submit here your listening reports for Music 154 (Spring 2011).
Your report should be based on the listening of a piece in its entirety. We will have weekly listening sessions at CCRMA to give you opportunities to listen to entire pieces in a focused listening environment. Alternatively, one of your listening reports may be based on one of the recommended concerts that you may attend during this quarter.

Post your text here as a 'comment' under the corresponding post for the assignment.
Make sure to include the following basic information on the header of your text:

Title of the piece:
Year of composition:
Name of composer:
Name of performer (if any):

Instructor: Bruno Ruviaro (ruviaro at stanford)
TA: Leah Reid (leahreid at stanford)
When: Mondays, 3:15-5:05pm, Spring 2011
Where: Knoll 217 (CCRMA Classroom)

Click here to visit the class website.
Click here to check out the playlists of previous listening sessions, and the dates of upcoming ones.


Electronic Music Composition Workshop 2010

Posts related to the 2010 Summer Workshop in Electronic Music Composition


We will use this space as a "listening diary" during the workshop "Intellectual Impropriety: electronic music composition". After listening to a piece, write a short text with your comments, impressions, and thoughts about what you heard. Post your text here as a comment under the post of the corresponding piece. On Thursday (August 26, 2010) we will discuss your posts in class.

About the workshop: Intellectual Impropriety: Electronic Music Workshop (Summer 2010) is an exploratory course on the composition of experimental electronic music. Specifically, the goal of this five-day workshop is to give students a basic practical understanding of select tools and techniques for the composition of sample-based electroacoustic music. Sampling will be discussed in its widest possible musical definition (including how it may change the nature of musical creativity and how it relates to politics). The workshop is of an experimental nature: departing from your own musical background, you will be encouraged to creatively question underlying musical assumptions and to explore original (!) ways of composing music through the use of existing music.

Instructor: Bruno Ruviaro (ruviaro@ccrma)
When: August 23-27, 2010 — 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (lunch: 12-1pm)
Where: Knoll 217 (CCRMA Classroom)

Click here for workshop related links.

Intermedia Workshop

Forum for Intermedia Workshop participants to exchange ideas and submit comments about required readings.

Music 250B: HCI Performance Systems

This is the main course webpage for the Winter 2010 offering.

Comment responses to posted readings are due before the next class period meeting. 

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