CCRMA has a small kitchenette on the third floor off the lounge which contains a microwave, toaster, coffee pot, espresso machine, refrigerator and sink. This kitchen is shared by everyone, so please clean up after yourself and please do not consume food that does not belong to you.

CCRMA follows the custom of many shared refrigerators: if food is unmarked, it is free for anyone to eat. This means you should clearly mark your food with your name and the date. The CCRMA staff reserves the right to throw away (or eat) any unmarked food or any food that appears to be too old. (This is not an invitation for you to let food just rot in the refrigerator; please be attentive and throw out any food that is beginning to grow fuzzy life forms.)

Both the refrigerator and sink provide filtered water; you can use your own reusable cup or one of CCRMA's, which of course you are responsible to wash afterwards.

Again, please follow common sense: don't leave dirty dishes in the sink and if you make a mess in the microwave or the refrigerator, please clean it up. In fact, if you see a mess that isn't yours, please clean it up - this makes it nicer for everyone.