Black and White Printing

The networked laser printers are primarily for CCRMA-related work only, not for personal use. It is common courtesy to realize that the network printers are a community resource. It is customary that if you need to print more than 50 pages of a document, please do so during evenings or weekends, or at a commercial vendor. Otherwise you will tie up the printers for too long.


Color Printing

CCRMA has a color inkjet printer that can print on stock up to 17" by 22". If you would like to use it to print posters and the like, the easiest way to do this is to:

1) Install the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 drivers on your laptop. 2) Create a document using the 17" by 22" page setup option. 3) Extend the paper feeder and output tray. 4) Load a piece (or more) of paper with the whiter and more matte side facing upward. 5) Connect to the printer directly via USB. 6) Print your document!

The printer is located in the Gear Closet. The paper and printer manuals are stored beneath the printer.

NOTE: Ink is expensive, so design your document accordingly!

HINT: Use the Epson Printer Utility to monitor how much ink you are using!!