Everyone must take personal responsibility for security at CCRMA. If you see someone you don't know, it is not impolite to say something like, "Hi, my name is Pat. I don't think we've met - who are you?" in order to verify that someone belongs here.

Once you are a registered CCRMA user your ID will be activated for building access. This will give you access to the building at night and on the weekends. Do not give this card to anyone (we mean it!). If you make appointments to meet people here at the Knoll, please arrange to open the door for them.

NEVER prop open the outside doors after hours. If you see an outside door propped open, close it immediately.

Please do not let people into the building during off hours if you do not know them. You can call the police by dialling "911" from your mobile phone or "9911" from a campus phone.

Please make sure that all windows or doors are closed if you are the last to leave a work area. If you are not sure if you are the last one in the area, please take a moment to check, and if you find someone, tell them you are leaving so that they can take responsibility for closing doors and windows.