Visiting Scholar


Members of the Professorate may invite faculty or other qualified individuals, who are employed or appointed at another institution or organization, to visit Stanford for an extended period in order to advance a collaborative research activity. These individuals are appointed into academic units and classified as Visiting Scholars.  The invitation must indicate the name of the faculty member hosting the visitor, and must be approved by the chair of the hosting Department, Program, Independent Laboratory or other academic unit.

The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for a Visiting Scholar designation at Stanford University:

The classification of Visiting Scholar is appropriate for faculty from other academic institutions who are invited to Stanford on an unpaid basis during a period of sabbatical at their home institution. In addition, this classification is appropriate for the appointment of qualified personnel from industry, government or other organizations, including retirees, who wish to visit Stanford on an unpaid basis.

The Visiting Scholar classification is not intended for individuals who might otherwise be considered trainees. This classification is not used to bring matriculating students from other academic institutions, nor should it be use for individuals who should be appointed as Postdoctoral Scholars. Click the links following for policies and appointment procedures for Visiting Student Researchers and for Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars.

If you feel that you qualify for a Visiting Scholar Appointment, email a proposal to the sponsoring CCRMA faculty member and to Nette Worthey (, being sure to include the following: After your proposal is approved by the CCRMA faculty and staff, your appointment recommendation will be forwarded on to the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Sciences for final approval, at which time additional information is likely needed.
Citizens of other countries who enter the United States for the purpose of being a Visiting Scholar at Stanford must have a DS-2019 (certification for J-1 visa status) issued by the Bechtel International Center via CCRMA prior to their arrival in this country.
 If you need Stanford to sponsor a visa for your visit, please send Ms. Worthey the following documents:
Visas may take up to 4 weeks to process; last minute visa requests cannot be honored.

The fee to CCRMA is $600 USD per quarter to offset direct costs involved with the use of CCRMA facilities.  The fee may be paid to CCRMA Administrator Nette Worthey in a check or Money Order made out to Stanford University.  Visiting scholars are responsible for their own financial support, health insurance, and housing. Stanford University also requires a fee of $125 USD to process or transfer the visa certificate.

Accepted Scholars are invited to work on their own research, and to participate in informal discussions and seminars with the CCRMA Community of composers, researchers, and other visitors during their stay. CCRMA provides its scholars with access to facilities, courses, and seminars, and limited technical support.  Please be aware that visitors must work indendently. CCRMA is a collaborative working envirnment but visitors should plan on working on their own. The building enjoys an open space office environment, and therefore an office will not be assigned to any visitor. There are computers available, and space in which to work.

Visiting Scholar status is a privilege, not a right, and an individual holds this status at the pleasure of Stanford University.  The status may be revoked at any time (even during the term of the designated status) by the University in its discretion, without the necessity of a reason.  Similarly, there is no right to a renewal of the status at the end of the term. 

Visiting Scholars are not employees or students of the University, and therefore are not entitled to Stanford compensation or other benefits available to regular staff, faculty or students (including health insurance).  The Visiting Scholar title may not be used for personnel or payroll purposes. 

A Visiting Scholar Identification Card will be issued to Visiting Scholars who are in residence for a minimum of three months.  Cards may be obtained by visiting the Stanford Card Office presenting the appropriate signed invitation for appointment as a Visiting Scholar for a fixed period of at least three months, and showing a valid government-issued picture ID. 

Visiting Scholars are eligible to use the following Stanford facilities and services: