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CCRMA Concerts

Concerts at CCRMA feature new and recent computer music by graduate students, faculty, and guests. Classic works and recent music from other studios and composers are also occasionally programmed. Colloquia and concerts are announced via a mailing list.

Colloquium Series

The CCRMA Colloquium is a weekly gathering of CCRMA students, faculty, staff, and guests. It is an opportunity for members of the CCRMA community and invited speakers to share the work that they are doing in the field of Computer Music.  The colloquium typically happens every Wednesday during the school year from 5:30 - 7:00pm and meets in the CCRMA Classroom, Knoll 217 unless otherwise noted. 

The schedule for this year's CCRMA Colloquium can be found here:

Colloquia and concerts are announced via a mailing list.

MUS423 Research Seminars

The CCRMA Music 423 Research Seminar brings graduate students and supervising faculty together for planning and discussion of original research. Students and faculty meet either in small groups or individually, as appropriate for the research topics and interests of the participants. Research carried out is typically presented at the weekly CCRMA Colloquium (if it is of general interest to the CCRMA community) or at a Special DSP Seminar scheduled for that purpose.  In either case, announcements appear on the CCRMA Home Page as Upcoming Events.

Hearing Seminars

CCRMA hosts a weekly Hearing seminar (aka Music 319). All areas related to perception are discussed, but the group emphasizes topics that will help us understand how the auditory system works. Speakers are drawn from the group and visitors to the Stanford area. Most attendees are graduate students, faculty, or local researchers interested in psychology, music, engineering, neurophysiology, and linguistics. Stanford students can (optionally) receive credit to attend, by enrolling in Music 319 "Research Seminar on Computational Models of Sound Perception."  Meetings are usually from 10:30AM to 12:20 (or so, depending on questions) on Friday mornings in the CCRMA Seminar Room.

The current schedule is announced via a mailing list. To subscribe yourself to the mailing list, please visit If you have any questions, please contact Malcolm Slaney at

Guest Lectures

Occasionally, courses offered at CCRMA will bring in a guest lecturer.  Often times, those lectures are open, not only to CCRMA students, staff, faculty and researchers, but also to the public.  Such events are listed below.