Ambisonics Mode

In Ambisonics mode OpenMixer can decode an incoming Ambisonics encoded audio stream.

Select the input source

1. Press any of the source buttons to select an input source, the button will light up and that source will be selected.

Activate Ambisonics mode

2. Press the Ambisonics button to enable the Ambisonics decoding mode.

Set input level

3. In Ambisonics mode only the first fader is active. Move the fader to set the input level for all channels in the selected source. If you move any other fader it will automatically reset to 0 after a couple of seconds.

Select the Ambisonics Decoder

4. OpenMixer has several decoders. Press the Ambisonics decoder button for the decoder you want to be active. Current choices include:
  • Full 3D decoder, 3rd order horizontal, 3rd order vertical
  • 2D decoder, 3rd order horizontal
  • 5.1 ITU optimized decoder (not implemented yet)
  • stereo IHJ decoder

Master level

5. This control is redundant but can be used to set the master level of the input source. Press the knob to reset the level to -10dB.

Input Channels

The ordering of the channels for the inputs is fixed as follows:

channel 1 W
channel 2 X
channel 3 Y
channel 4 U
channel 5 V
channel 6 P
channel 7 Q
channel 8 Z
channel 9 R
channel 10 S
channel 11 T
channel 12 K
channel 13 L
channel 14 M
channel 15 N
channel 16 O

The decoders assume FSM encoding.
See this page for the meaning and equations that correspond to each component of an Ambisonics stream.

The first 8 channels can contain a mixed order stream (3rd order horizontal and 1st order vertical), the next 8 channels add full periphonic 3rd order components.