Normal Mode


In Normal Mode OpenMixer behaves as a routing matrix with gain. Any input channel from any input source can be routed to any speaker. Follow the instructions below to route audio in Normal Mode (in short: select a source [1], select input levels [2], define routing to all speakers [3] and optionally control the overall level for all input channels [4].

Select the input source

1. Press any of the source buttons to select an input source, the button will light up and that source will be selected.

Set levels for the input channels

2. Move a fader to control the level of an input channel. For sources that have more than 8 channels, press the appropriate layer button to select channels 1 thorugh 8, 9 thorugh 16 or 17 through 24 (NOTE: sources can have 8, 16 or 24 input channels, only the layer buttons that make sense for a given source will work).

SHORTCUT: press one of the three PRESET buttons to automatically select -10dB, -5dB or 0dB input levels for all input channels, -10dB level for the master level control of the source and default (reasonable) routings to all speakers. This will take care of [2] and [3] for most situations.

Route input channels to the speakers

3: First select an input channel. Moving a fader will select that particular channel automatically and the channel select button will light up. Pressing the channel select button will select a channel without changing the input level.

With one input channel selected define the level to be sent to each speaker using the speaker volume knobs in the control surface on the right.Here is the mapping of controls to speakers in the Listening Room:

Each of the subwoofers will automatically receive signals from the speakers closest to it.

Set the overall volume

4: Each input source has an associated master level control. Press the MASTER button if it is off and turn the knob for the selected source to set the overall output level for all input channels in that source. Push the knob to reset the overall level to the default of -10dB.

Input level metering

The top knobs in the controller on the left can also be used to monitor the input levels of each input channel for each source. Select which layer is being monitored by pressing the appropriate METERS button. Meters read peak levels and have a 1.8 second decay time.

Relative subwoofer level

Use the subwoofer level control knob to set the relative level of all subwoofers with respect to the main speakers. Push the knob to reset the relative levels to 0dB.

Preset, Reset and Mute

Push one of the preset buttons to load a default preset. All input channels for the selected source will be set to a default level (-15dB, -5dB or 0dB) and each channel will be routed with 0dB gain to each successive speaker in the room. The master level for that source will also be set to -10dB.This will set a basic one to one routing between input channels and speakers.

Press the reset button to set all input and speaker levels to zero.

Press the mute button to temporarily mute all input channels for the selected source. Press again to unmute.