Masters Program

 The Master's degree in Music, Science, and Technology

Description:  The Master of Arts degree in Music, Science and Technology (MA/MST) is a two-year degree granted at the successful completion of required and elective coursework totaling at least 45 units. The MA/MST program is built around CCRMA courses developed by faculty from the domains of art, composition, computer science, engineering, human-computer interaction, intermedia, music perception, psychoacoustics, music/audio signal processing, sound synthesis and effects, and neuroscience. Some of these courses were developed as on-ramps to related research in some of those domains. CCRMA is a multidisciplinary center within the Department of Music in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University.

Funding Support:  The Music Department and CCRMA do not have regular funding to support students in the MA/MST program. However, year-to-year there is occasionally some fellowship support and/or TA positions available. When available, these are administered and distributed by CCRMA faculty.

Application:  Please see Application Procedures on the Dept. of Music's website.

Fees:  The application fee is $125 and may be paid using Visa, Mastercard cards.  

Writing Samples:  All applicants to the MA/MST program are encouraged to submit project reports or published papers demonstrating their commitment to and achievements in the domains spanned by CCRMA courses. Supporting materials will be returned if you provide postage in a monetary equivalent of U.S. currency, not international return coupons.

GRE Tests:  GRE scores are now optional for graduate applicants at CCRMA; however those wishing to focus in particular specializations might benefit from submitting GRE scores. Please email for specifics if you have questions. Please visit the Educational Testing website for details about test dates and locations: 

Stanford Bulletin:  Degree requirements for the MAMST can be found in the Stanford Bulletin. Go to the "Degree Requirements" tab and select "Subplan in Music, Science, and Technology".

CCRMA Faculty Bios:  You may wish to peruse the faculty bios to find faculty having areas of interest and expertise that match your own.  Feel free to email those with whom you are interested in discussing a particular program:

The Stanford Music Department: More information on graduate programs in music can be found on the    
Music Department site.