PhD Program

Applying to the Ph.D. program

CCRMA offers a Ph.D. program in Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics. Since CCRMA is multidisciplinary, we have Ph.D. students in several departments. While all CCRMA faculty are formally within the Music department, Julius Smith also holds a courtesy appointment in Electrical Engineering which enables him to serve as primary thesis advisor for Ph.D. students in EE, and Ge Wang holds a courtesy appointment in Computer Science and can serve as primary thesis advisor for Ph.D students in CS. We also have occasional Ph.D. students from Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and the like. Application for graduate study is handled by the corresponding department. CCRMA does not process admissions itself. However, when an EE student expresses an interest in music-related research, Prof. Smith is usually asked to comment on the student's prospects for pursuing research at CCRMA.  CCRMA faculty also participate in the selection of Music Department Ph.D. students interested in CCRMA research.


More Information:

You may view the programs in the Stanford Bulletin.

Also see the Music Department site for a discussion of the graduate programs in music.

Please read the Registrar's information about applying to Stanford.