Music 251

Course Title: 
Psychophysics and Music Cognition
Course Description: 

This course aims to introduce students to basic concepts and fundamentals of the fields of auditory perception, as well as music perception and cognition through lectures, readings, lab exercises, and class discussion. The discussed topics include pitch/harmony/timbre perception, sound localization, and emotion, as well as related topics in auditory perception, such as loudness, masking, stream segregation, and the basics of the auditory system. The primary emphasis is placed upon experiencing all the processes of discovery-oriented human behavioural research and core issues in methodology as well as scientific discourse with colleagues. Thus, active preparation and participation in lab exercises and in-class discussion is essential. In the final project, students will come up with their own inquiry, design and execute the experiment, share and discuss the results and interpretation, and write the report.

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Course Time: 
Tue, Thu 12:30-1:50
Knoll 217