Music 192A

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Foundations of Sound-Recording Technology
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This course serves as an introduction to the recording facilities and technology at CCRMA. Through lectures and assignments students learn and practice various studio recording techniques. They also become familiarized with home and field recording practices. The course addresses various audio engineering topics: room acoustics, studio operation and maintenance, microphone selection and placement, analog and digital recording, audio editing and mixing, and audio effects processing (equalization, compression, convolution reverb, etc.). Prerequisite: MUSIC 101 or consent of instructor.

Zoom link for the first meeting on Monday, January 3:

In order to be considered for enrollment, any student interested in joining the class should attend this first meeting! Those who do not attend the first meeting will not be considered for enrollment regardless of their priority status (unless there are extenuating circumstances). A Zoom link for the following meetings will be provided via Canvas after the first class to those who are permitted to enroll.

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MW 11:30-1:00
Classroom (Knoll 217) / Recording Studio