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Call for Papers lists CFPs that happen regularly.

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This list was compiled by Joachim Ganseman, one of our excellent visiting scholars.  As per Joachim, "It is focused on Europe and on my personal interests, so by no means complete and by all means biased."

A couple of additional links to expand:

* Since computer vision shares quite some borders with computer audition:
* MTG @ UPF has a pretty up-to-date calendar too.
Conferences: ,
and Journals:

My list, ordered on submission deadline date:

1. CFPs that have passed already

* SMC 2010: 22-24 july 2010, Barcelona, Spain
* ISMIR 2010: 9-13 august 2010, Utrecht, Netherlands
      (summerschool 2-7 august)
* workshop AMR 2010: 17-18 august, Linz, Austria
* DAFX 2010: 6-10 sept 2010, Graz, Austria,
* EAA Euroregio: 15-18 sept 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia ,
      (summerschool 13-15 sept, free)
* Interspeech: 26-30 september 2010, Makuhari, Japan
* ACM MultiMedia: 25-29 oktober, Firenze, Italy.

2. CFPs ongoing

* WOMRAD (workshop) with ACM Recommender Systems
Barcelona, 26 september 2010
paper submission: 28 june

* IEEE ICMLA, session on machine learning with multimedia data
Washington DC, 12-14 december 2010,
Paper submission: 15 july

* Eurasip Journal of Advances in Signal Processing
issue: Musical Applications of real-time signal processing
submission due: 15 september 2010
eds. J. Pakarinen, J. Abel, V. Valimaki, F. Fontana, ...

* IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing
issue: Music Signal Processing
submission due: 20 september 2010
Eds. M. Mueller, S. Sagayama, A. Klapuri, D. Ellis, ...
(focus on processing waveform-based music recordings)

* Journal of New Music Research
issue: Music and Machine Learning
submission due: 1 oktober 2010
eds. R. Ramirez and D. Conklin

* AES Audio For Games:
London, 9-11 february 2011
no CFP yet

Prague, 22-27 mei 2011
camera ready (!) paper submission: 20 oktober 2010

* ACM ICMR 2011 (previously ACM MIR)
Trento, Italy, 17-20 april 2011
Paper submission: 3 december 2010

* AES Semantic Audio:
Ilmenau, Germany, 22-24 july 2011
Paper submission: around february 2011

* ICMC 2011:
Huddersfield, UK
no CFP yet