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  • Video I made for CEMEC submission


    I made a video this weekend for submitting my candidacy for participatory participation in the CEMEC concert series.  I thought it made a good example of my GRIP MAESTRO in general ... so here it is:



    Hi ho.

  • Pat's Response to Chion

    The music or sound present in a movie can really change its meaning, and Chion's exploration of how it happens is fascinating. The concept of added value, that sound and image mutually influence each other, corresponds nicely with the "Unity of the Senses" reading from a few weeks ago. Also, the author's description of film as "verbocentric" also corroborated some of what we heard from Dave Douglas and Bill Morrison -- that the voice needs a lot of space to be intelligible.

  • Michael B's Response to Chion

    Audio-Vision --- Sound On Screen ~ Michael Chion

    Part One, Chapter One: "Projections of Sound on Image"


  • Devin's response to CHION

    Amazing, amazing writing Chion does for film sound, definitely forging ahead. I criticised Chion in a paper once for not including a terminology of actually HOW to describe sound accurately, instead just creating a phenomenology for how sound WORKS in film (alongside image). This still bugs me a bit. But the phenomena Chion describes are definitely really interesting--my favorites being the Acousmetre (a voice in film is never given a face), and "anempathetic music" (where the music highlights the on-screen action, by deliberately ignoring it).

  • Devin's response to Bill & Dave

    Their film is REALLY coming together and looking killer, I'm bummed I'll be in Japan when it premieres! Thanks for getting them to come, Jarek/Elaine. 

  • Devin's Cage/Cardiff Responses

    JOHN CAGE RULES: Most of these, really insightful. Make me smile, or just ponder for a moment. Most of the them I read with that sensation that happens when I know (or think I know) that I'm reading truth. Some really interesting ones, like Rule Five: self-discipline is just following someone else. YES, never thought about it this way before, but it resonates with me. Some people have said that I have great self-discipline for e.g. doing a raw food diet for 8 months, and I learned to say that self-discipline is just remembering what you want.

  • Readings, Tuesday Jan 19

     A Few Ideas About Film and Music, John Cage

    I love how Cage repeatedly emphasizes that successful music and art reflect an all-important and organic conception of rhythm in everyday life. A recurring theme of these readings and of my own ideas about composition and art seems to be that effective art helps us to understand the world around us.

  • Test

     Hey, I'm just trying to figure out where we post our reading responses.  Bear with me.




  • Research Prior Work - Due 1/13

    Homework due by Wednesday, 1/13: Research prior work.  Find 4 examples of art/music inventions that are similar to the work you are interested in creating.   This should be an exploratory exercise meant to help you with techniques for building your own creations.  You should make note of useful technical details, novel creative choices, and ideas for improvement for each example.   Links and accompanying observations should be posted on the class blog.  I will also post this homework on there today.

  • Location of Monday's class

     Monday's class will take place in the Sculpture Lab, located in ART6, in the basement of Cummings Art Building.  It is directly across from the elevator--the door is labeled "SCULPTURE LAB", but can be tricky to find depending on which door you come through.

    After the class, Trimpin will give a colloquium back at CCRMA.  You aren't required to attend this but I would highly recommend spending anytime you can with Trimpin while he is here next week.