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  • Fell Performance

    Hi all;
    My performance project Fell is premiering next weekend on the Dance Division Winter Works concert, details below:

    New Choreography in Concert

    Friday & Saturday, March 5 & 6, at 8pm
    Roble Studio 38
    Free and Open to the Public
  • Pat's Response to Ascott and Moholy

     I'd like to touch on a couple quotes that especially captured my interest:

    Moholy -- "It is high time to state once and for all that the much disdained masses, despite their "academic backwardness," often exhibit the soundest instincts and preferences. Our task will always remain the creative understanding of the true, and not the imagined, needs."
  • Devin's response to Delehanty

    Popping off Josh's comment about artists creating universes, I resonate with that a lot. I think everyone creates their own universe, whether formal artist or not, and the fact that these universes have DIFFERENCES leads to all the misunderstandings in the world, all the labeling of "right" and "wrong" and all that. Leads to some rich artwork though.

  • Being Notified of New Content on the Website

    Hi everyone!  I'm going to start writing about the website, so that people will know more about its many features.

    This post is about "Notifications", or automated messages about new content on the site.

    If you want to receive emails to your CCRMA account when different sorts of information are posted to the website, you can do so via "Notifications".  In this way you can find out about Events (content type "Event"), Recent News (content type "Story", blog posts, classifieds, and more.

  • Pat's Response to Smalley and Beckett

    Well, I'm not going to pretend that I understood or enjoyed the Smalley reading. Dealing with infinities like time and space quite frankly bewilder and scare me. Nevertheless, there were a few concepts familiar enough for me to relate to:

  • bluetooth camera & f12 photo xfr

    Bluetooth applet : preferences : make computer discoverable

    System : Preferences : Personal File Sharing :  1) Share public files on network 2) share public files over bluetooth 3) Require remote devices to bond with this computer 4) Receive files in Downloads folder via bluetooth 5) Notify about received files

    Bluetooth applet : Setup new device

    (from phone) select pic & send via bluetooth

    (from f12) Bluetooth applet :send files to device

  • Devin's Response to Tarkovsky

    Okay, Tarkovsky said this stuff a while ago, but it seems to still summarize / pertain to the current film landscape. It ties well to our brief discussion in class about why orchestral music is used in film--does the filmic world, or the ideas within, call for it? Or is orchestral music just a convention? I think that film+orchestra has been an opportunistic marriage, one that has created a lot of great cinematic moments. But most film music indeed just seems to amplify emotions in the image, or to cover up bad edits or acting.

  • Pat's Response to Tarkovsky

    Here are the statements from Tarkovsky that seemed to me the most striking: 

  • Michael B's Response to Tarkovsky

    Michael Berger's Response to "Music and Noise" from "Tarkovsky" by Andrei Tarkovsky.

    I really dug reading this gentleman's thoughts about music and cinema; I would like to read the rest of the book as soon as I work my way down through my ever-growing book-pile. 

    He made two or so very interesting points:

  • Video I made for CEMEC submission


    I made a video this weekend for submitting my candidacy for participatory participation in the CEMEC concert series.  I thought it made a good example of my GRIP MAESTRO in general ... so here it is:



    Hi ho.