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Art and Technology Readings

The readings for Monday on Art and Technology can be found here:

And here:

If you are having trouble viewing this link from a non-Stanford computer, go to this webpage to configure your proxy settings:

Research Prior Work - Due 1/13

Homework due by Wednesday, 1/13: Research prior work.  Find 4 examples of art/music inventions that are similar to the work you are interested in creating.   This should be an exploratory exercise meant to help you with techniques for building your own creations.  You should make note of useful technical details, novel creative choices, and ideas for improvement for each example.   Links and accompanying observations should be posted on the class blog.  I will also post this homework on there today.

Location of Monday's class

 Monday's class will take place in the Sculpture Lab, located in ART6, in the basement of Cummings Art Building.  It is directly across from the elevator--the door is labeled "SCULPTURE LAB", but can be tricky to find depending on which door you come through.

After the class, Trimpin will give a colloquium back at CCRMA.  You aren't required to attend this but I would highly recommend spending anytime you can with Trimpin while he is here next week.

Kevin Casey - 3:15 today - Intermedia class

Thursday 3:15 - 3:45 Kevin Casey will give a presentation to the Intermedia class in the CCRMA Seminar Room.  Here is an example of his work:

This is not required for 250B but Kevin Casey's work comes highly recommended by Elaine Buckholtz, who is co-teaching the Intermedia class this quarter.

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