OSCControl: Actor and Camera scripting over OSC for UDKOSC

OSCControl is a Ruby-based scripting application that generates UDKOSC-valid OSC control messages out of human-readable motion scripts.


UDKOSC has been updated to allow independent remote control of a primary Actor and Camera view. By sending Open Sound Control (OSC) messages into UDKOSC, users can independently control an Actor as well as that user's attached Camera. At this time only a single actor and camera can be controlled.

To facilitate scripting of both Actor and Camera motions such as those used in Machinima scenes, a small Ruby application has been added to the UDKOSC projects in the udkosc/Scripts directory. Users can create scripts controlling both Actor and Camera movements in the input.txt file, which feed a series of motions and actions through the ruby script, formatting them as valid OSC messages, and sending them to the desired IP and PORT of a running UDKOSC server.

OSCControl currently creates a time-ordered array of valid OSC messages and bundles and subsequently streams entire control scripts serially, meaning any timed commands written in the script will be sent in an ordered fashion. So at each execution of OSCControl, the generated batch of OSC messages and bundles are streamed out to the desired target host and port in real-time.At this time, OSCControl is not generating valid timetags on its own, though each message and bundle is formatted to contain timetags in the future.


To record and playback scripts without the (minimal) overhead of running OSCControl, two helper scripts, "oscrecorder.rb" and "oscplayer.rb" are included, which respectively encode OSC messages/bundles using YAML.


OSCControl v0.1 is now available in the UDKOSC github repo in the Scripts directory:



More on UDKOSC can be found:

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