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Women in Music and Gaming - Summer Workshop Scholarship

Women in Music and Gaming Scholarship

Summer workshop opportunity to study Music and Gaming

Promote the engagement of young women in the fields of game design and development and interactive electronic and computer music.
Up to 2 (two) women (between ages 16-30) will be selected to attend the Designing Musical Games::Gaming Musical Design Summer Workshop at CCRMA with full

Musical Sonification of virtual flight in ECHO::Canyon

 ECHO::Canyon v1.0 was premiered last week at the 4/25/2013 "Music & Games" concert @ccrma.  With amazing custom visuals, modeling and rigging by Chris Platz, this environment led us in a whole new direction for interactive musical sonification and procedural music with UDKOSC.

The piece and entire concert are archived up on UStream thanks to Dave Kerr:  (ECHO::Canyon is the first piece of the stream).

Here's a screen-grab of the player "Valkordia" character, floating out by the edge of the environment.

OSCControl: Actor and Camera scripting over OSC for UDKOSC

OSCControl is a Ruby-based scripting application that generates UDKOSC-valid OSC control messages out of human-readable motion scripts.


UDKOSC has been updated to allow independent remote control of a primary Actor and Camera view. By sending Open Sound Control (OSC) messages into UDKOSC, users can independently control an Actor as well as that user's attached Camera. At this time only a single actor and camera can be controlled.

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