Pat's Response to Chion

The music or sound present in a movie can really change its meaning, and Chion's exploration of how it happens is fascinating. The concept of added value, that sound and image mutually influence each other, corresponds nicely with the "Unity of the Senses" reading from a few weeks ago. Also, the author's description of film as "verbocentric" also corroborated some of what we heard from Dave Douglas and Bill Morrison -- that the voice needs a lot of space to be intelligible. Yet, as the discussion of horror films near the end of the reading showed, sometimes sound can speak for itself (like when all the audience hears is a scream to make the inference that a woman is being murdered). Finally, I wish Chion would have expanded on the third effect of music that is neither empathetic or anempathetic -- "which has an abstract meaning...but no precise emotional resonance." This concept of abstractness sounds interested, but is unclear to me. 

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