Michael B's Response to Chion

Audio-Vision --- Sound On Screen ~ Michael Chion

Part One, Chapter One: "Projections of Sound on Image"


I really enjoyed reading this chapter. Chion describes here many things that have been on the edge of my perception of the relationships between film and music.  He puts into words many things that I had only vaguely noticed before. I think it is the fact that he is speaking of things that the reader can easily attach him/herself to, i.e. things s/he already knew but didn't think about before, that gives the chapter its driving interest and resonance.

Chion speaks with a tone of authority on this subject matter, but during the course of the chapter I became increasingly suspicious of his musical background.  The odd description or definition just didn't seem to ring true; they felt the way English often sounds when spoken by a non-native speaker.  I am more experienced in music than in film (academically at least) and this made me curious as to whether someone with more film experience might feel the same way (but about his background in film).  I do not have any concrete examples from the text unfortunately because I read the reading a few days ago, and neglected to keep track of them. All in all though this is a very small point; it is dwarfed by the interest that the chapter generated in me.  I would be very curious to read more, though if what Devin writes is true, the vagueness that in this chapter seems like appetite whetting first-chapterness, may in fact be an idiosyncracy of the entire book.  I hope not.

It is very nice that Chion has here codified (or simply collected?) a way to discuss these filmusical manifestations.  It gives those who had not thought about the matter before a fresh look and new way into the material, and those who have a way to formally discuss or investigate the matter further.


Hi ho.

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