Being Notified of New Content on the Website

Hi everyone!  I'm going to start writing about the website, so that people will know more about its many features.

This post is about "Notifications", or automated messages about new content on the site.

If you want to receive emails to your CCRMA account when different sorts of information are posted to the website, you can do so via "Notifications".  In this way you can find out about Events (content type "Event"), Recent News (content type "Story", blog posts, classifieds, and more.

Simply go to "My Account", click "Notifications", choose the subtab "Content Types" and click which one you'd like to receive emails for.  I recommend "Classifieds" and "Events".  "Blogs" are also enjoyable.

Then you can say if you want them to be mailed out to you, and in what way.  If you want, you can condense it to weekly or even monthly.  "Mail" means sending you an email, "Web" means sending you a message within the CCRMA website.  Such messages will go into "Messages".

You can also choose to receive content posted by a certain person ("Author") or to a group ("Groups") that you are a member of.

Hope you all find this helpful!  As usual, if anything seems strange, feel free to stop by and we can troubleshoot it.

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