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Being Notified of New Content on the Website

Hi everyone!  I'm going to start writing about the website, so that people will know more about its many features.

This post is about "Notifications", or automated messages about new content on the site.

If you want to receive emails to your CCRMA account when different sorts of information are posted to the website, you can do so via "Notifications".  In this way you can find out about Events (content type "Event"), Recent News (content type "Story", blog posts, classifieds, and more.

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Hi All,

Ever wonder what exactly it is that Carr and Nando do all day?  Well, now you can find out!



Welcome to Drupal!  There are a lot of great things that you can do here and I hope everyone will take advantage of them and tell me new things that you want to have, too.  My ears are open.  :)

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