Devin's response to Delehanty

Popping off Josh's comment about artists creating universes, I resonate with that a lot. I think everyone creates their own universe, whether formal artist or not, and the fact that these universes have DIFFERENCES leads to all the misunderstandings in the world, all the labeling of "right" and "wrong" and all that. Leads to some rich artwork though. And I see a lot of artistic communication now as different people's universes bobbing around and bopping into each other, like great masenine bubbles, transferring bits of information or memes or genes or whatever you want to call it, sometimes popping (death), sometimes converging completely (sex?). Almost like bacteria. Except bacteria are really big, and universes really small. Or something like that.

Anyways, back to the sound aspects: I don't think about this stuff a ton anymore, but this quote made me think on music a bit:

"The expansion of the materials of art to include sound, noise, music, silence and the spoken word -- all invisible to the eye -- satisfied the desire of artists to present the passage of time in the once timeless world of the visual arts" (29).

So maybe that's why I like music so much. Because it CHANGES in time. Now, maybe visual art changes in time, but only as the viewer changes inside. I'm talking more about a straight perceptual music-changes-so-it's-interesting sort of thing. I very much like the idea of things existing in time, changing; they flare into being, catch one or two other things alight, and then go out. CHANGE is what gets me. None of this static foofaraw. I want paintings to be painted, then show for a while, then be stolen, then get water splashed on them, then painted over, then get hidden away somewhere, then found, then burned. And then the ashes go into a dye for new paints for new artists for new universes. Haha, rebirth. Just like that last project.

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