Devin's response to CHION

Amazing, amazing writing Chion does for film sound, definitely forging ahead. I criticised Chion in a paper once for not including a terminology of actually HOW to describe sound accurately, instead just creating a phenomenology for how sound WORKS in film (alongside image). This still bugs me a bit. But the phenomena Chion describes are definitely really interesting--my favorites being the Acousmetre (a voice in film is never given a face), and "anempathetic music" (where the music highlights the on-screen action, by deliberately ignoring it). It's such a great aesthetic, and a technique I admire so much, to have some awful action going on the screen, and playing some wacky parlor music or 50's swing coming from a tinny record player. Can't get enough of that stuff, deliberately playing image / sound OPPOSITE to one another (and really enriching the audiovisual experience).

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