Devin's response to Bill & Dave

Their film is REALLY coming together and looking killer, I'm bummed I'll be in Japan when it premieres! Thanks for getting them to come, Jarek/Elaine. 

I think the most interesting thing I took away from the discussion was that you can't ever place equal emphasis on sound and image, at least in process. You can't be totally egalitarian. Nothing would ever get done. One medium will end up catering slightly to the other. In Bill/Dave's case, Bill is cutting to Dave's music. Of course, they're collaborating much more than your typical film (even, or especially, Hollywood), but inevitably Dave's music takes the upper hand. Though you know, maybe the music rules over the temporal realm, while Bill's visuals rule over the content / formal realm. Guess that's an interesting trade-off, that makes the audio/visual treatment very egalitarian / intertwined indeed. Hah, yeah, I guess due to the temporal nature of, well, time, someone (Bill or Dave) will always have to have the last word. They're just splitting up the "last words" more than usual, which is really cool.


I don't know if IĀ agree that

I don't know if I agree that Bill's following Dave's leads. Bill put forth some ideas to us about the use of live technology in the film that Dave didn't seem to have heard before or be very fond of. It seemed that Bill had no intention of backing down either. I think it's very interesting your point about visuals providing the content while the audio provides the temporality. You say this is why Bill is cutting to Dave's music. But I wonder whether it is more natural to add temporality to content or vice versa.
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