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Devin's response to Delehanty

Popping off Josh's comment about artists creating universes, I resonate with that a lot. I think everyone creates their own universe, whether formal artist or not, and the fact that these universes have DIFFERENCES leads to all the misunderstandings in the world, all the labeling of "right" and "wrong" and all that. Leads to some rich artwork though.

Devin's Response to Tarkovsky

Okay, Tarkovsky said this stuff a while ago, but it seems to still summarize / pertain to the current film landscape. It ties well to our brief discussion in class about why orchestral music is used in film--does the filmic world, or the ideas within, call for it? Or is orchestral music just a convention? I think that film+orchestra has been an opportunistic marriage, one that has created a lot of great cinematic moments. But most film music indeed just seems to amplify emotions in the image, or to cover up bad edits or acting.

Devin's response to CHION

Amazing, amazing writing Chion does for film sound, definitely forging ahead. I criticised Chion in a paper once for not including a terminology of actually HOW to describe sound accurately, instead just creating a phenomenology for how sound WORKS in film (alongside image). This still bugs me a bit. But the phenomena Chion describes are definitely really interesting--my favorites being the Acousmetre (a voice in film is never given a face), and "anempathetic music" (where the music highlights the on-screen action, by deliberately ignoring it).

Devin's response to Bill & Dave

Their film is REALLY coming together and looking killer, I'm bummed I'll be in Japan when it premieres! Thanks for getting them to come, Jarek/Elaine. 

Devin's Cage/Cardiff Responses

JOHN CAGE RULES: Most of these, really insightful. Make me smile, or just ponder for a moment. Most of the them I read with that sensation that happens when I know (or think I know) that I'm reading truth. Some really interesting ones, like Rule Five: self-discipline is just following someone else. YES, never thought about it this way before, but it resonates with me. Some people have said that I have great self-discipline for e.g. doing a raw food diet for 8 months, and I learned to say that self-discipline is just remembering what you want.

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