running Access Grid from CCRMA

Access Grid is a flexible video streaming / conferencing system installed on all CCRMA linux machines. It'll share streams globally and also within CCRMA. It's multi-user, not just bi-directional and you can pile up the feeds, making it especially useful for big band distrubuted network performance.

This is with a Logitech USB web cam plugged into a linux station...

launch Applications : AccessGrid 3.1 : Venue Client

(first time you will need to register with name and email address, rest can be defaults or blank)

in Venue Client
should see default location
<hit go>

should see yourself listed as participant, can chat (by typing) with other venue participants

<select> Tools : Bridges : WestGrid
<select> Tools : Configure node services
<select> VideoConsumerService, <select> Service : Remove
<select> Service : Add : VideoService, <select> V4L2:/dev/video0

in vic window, should see your video stream
click to make it big, then rt-click to get options on the bigger window

other participants in the same venue will also show
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