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bare machine to fedora 21 <and fedora 22> to jacktrip, compiled from github src

f22 differences


yum update

  dnf update


yum groupinstall Cinnamon Desktop

  dnf groupinstall Cinnamon

running Access Grid from CCRMA

Access Grid is a flexible video streaming / conferencing system installed on all CCRMA linux machines. It'll share streams globally and also within CCRMA. It's multi-user, not just bi-directional and you can pile up the feeds, making it especially useful for big band distrubuted network performance.

This is with a Logitech USB web cam plugged into a linux station...

bluetooth camera & f12 photo xfr

Bluetooth applet : preferences : make computer discoverable

System : Preferences : Personal File Sharing :  1) Share public files on network 2) share public files over bluetooth 3) Require remote devices to bond with this computer 4) Receive files in Downloads folder via bluetooth 5) Notify about received files

Bluetooth applet : Setup new device

(from phone) select pic & send via bluetooth

(from f12) Bluetooth applet :send files to device

Rock, Paper, Scissors for ResoNations Internet Concert 20-Nov-09

Rock, Paper, Scissors (2009)

Rock (hands frozen hard in rock position)

  • UN Bass Clarinet (solo) -- 30"
    • continue with Banff Clarinet (duo) -- 30"
      • start game pair, UCSD / Seoul, bass / haegum (pitches ascending G D A) -- 10 rounds, 30"

  (finish and segue)

first experience (success!) access grid

This is with a Logitech USB web cam plugged in...

launch venue client

should see default location
<hit go>

internet radio setup -- basics, need to be scripted and crontab'ed

to create an .mp3 stream on

make sure there's an icecast daemon running, then these commands to start jack, darkice, find darkice, connect looping file to darkice

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