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Kui DONG Flying Apples
Kui Dong was born in 1967 in Beijing, China. Her compositions and commissions include a three acts ballet for orchestra, a number of chamber works and works for electronics. Between 1988 and 1993 she also produced a number of scores for Chinese film and television. Kui Dong has received performances from Other Minds Festival and Composers Inc. (San Francisco), Alea III (Boston), the Pacific Contemporary Music Festival (Los Angeles), Windsor Symphony (Canada) and, the Central Ballet of China. Her music has been broadcast on KPFA, New Radio Performing Art Inc. (New York) and European Broadcast Union, among others. Her honors include first prizes in the 1994 Alea III International Competition, the National Art Song competition (Beijing), the National Music and Dance Competition (Beijing), as well as awards from ASCAP (1995), the Djerassi Foundation (1995), Santa Clara County Arts Council (1995) and, the Pacific National Fund (1993). Flying Apples is based on an un-finished childhood dream where, with the unlimited imagination of the child, a walk is taken through a colorful and unspoiled world. This algorithmic composition was composed on DMIX, (Daniel Oppenheim's software package) at CCRMA, Stanford University. It was programmed with extreme nesting patterns, forming a simple idea which then grows into a complex pattern. This piece received an honorary mention at the 1996 Prix Ars Electronica in Austria. I do not think excessively about tools and techniques while composing. Instead I listen for what best fits my overall concept for the piece of music. Each sound has a color and shape as well, which I am always looking for. In Flying Apples, I catch the transparent, brilliant stars falling from infinity.