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Jonathan NORTON Vicissitudes
Jonathan Norton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1966. He is currently studying at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University working towards a Ph.D. in computer-based music theory. During his time at Stanford he studied with John Chowning, Julius Smith, Max Mathews, Chris Chafe, and Jonathan Harvey. Before CCRMA, he received his masters in music composition at Northwestern University. His works for dance, acoustic instruments, tape, and soundtracks have been performed and heard extensively. His most recent soundtrack for "Dreams of a City: Creating East Palo Alto" has been shown on PBS and recently entered into several film festivals. His soundtrack for "ENDGAME" had its world premiere at Siggraph '94 in Orlando Florida and has since been in festivals and on television in the USA, Russia, Spain, Japan, Monaco, Italy, France, and Switzerland. Vicissitudes was inspired by and was based on a documentary video project on the history of East Palo Alto, California. This work was created from sound bites used in the video and also includes segments of my original soundtrack composed for the video. This piece attempts to capture the essence of the struggle for the people's desire for community and their need for economic security. Vicissitudes is permeated by a driving pulse that symbolizes the dynamic energy of this community despite the numerous problems it is faced with. Vicissitudes was originally conceived of as a work for dance and was chosen by the world renowned Guangdong Modern Dance Company of China to be performed at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) '96 in Hong Kong. The group has since performed Vicissitudes in Hong Kong and throughout China. The work has also been performed and heard throughout the USA.