CCRMA Summer Workshops 1997:

Introduction to Sound Synthesis and Signal Processing

* Course Description

This is an introductory and fast-paced workshop in sound synthesis techniques and digital audio effects, and their implementation in the CLM (Common Lisp Music) environment. We will design software instruments that implement additive synthesis, subtractive, FM, sampling, wavetables, granular, spectral and physical modeling synthesis; and digital effects algorithms such as phasing, flanging, chorus, distortion and reverberation. Introductory signal processing and perception topics will be included.

Common Lisp Music (CLM)* is a public domain sound design language written on top of Common Lisp, currently running in Macintosh PowerPCs and several UNIX environments including SGI, Sun, NeXT and PC's running Linux. The workshop includes a Common Lisp lab that will teach basic Lisp programming skills. Familiarity with computers and programming languages is helpful but programming proficiency is not required.

* Lectures


July 219:30 - 11:30Introduction to ccrma and clm
July 2111:45 - 12:30Sound Perception and Analysis
July 211:30 - 2:15Lisp Workshop
July 229:30 - 11:30Digital Sound, Additive and Wavetable Synthesis
July 2211:45 - 12:30Granular Synthesis and Sampling Rate Conversion
July 221:30 - 2:15Lisp Workshop
July 239:30 - 11:30Modulation Synthesis and Waveshaping
July 2311:45 - 12:30Spectral Modelling
July 231:30 - 2:15Lisp Workshop
July 249:30 - 11:30Subtractive Synthesis and Digital Filters
July 2411:45 - 12:30Effects
July 241:30 - 2:15Lisp Workshop
July 248:00Summer Concert
July 259:30 - 11:30Physical Modelling
July 2511:45 - 12:30Advanced CLM
July 251:30 - 2:15Lisp Workshop

* Course Materials

All course materials will be placed on-line in CCRMA's World Wide Web server (

The on-line clm distribution (source code, examples and so on...)

The on-line "CLM Manual".

* Emacs and XEmacs editor references

Emacs cheat sheet
the most commonly used commands
References materials
getting started, reference card, the complete manual in html and more...
XEmacs Home Page
the official home of the xemacs editor...

* PC's, NEXTSTEP and Linux

Detailed instructions on how to reboot a PC into Linux

Suplementary texts

* Elements of Computer Music
F. Richard Moore, Prentice Hall, 1990
* The Computer Music Tutorial
Curtis Road, MIT press, 1996
* Musical Sound
John Pierce, Scientific American Books, 1990
* Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition and Performance
Charles Dodge and Thomas Jerse, Schirmer Books, New York, 1985

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