Week 4 - 220B
Modeling Creativity - Winter Quarter, 1999

The task in week 4 is to learn how to use the Planet neural network simulator by examples. To read and experiment with the code in aim to excute the examples download the files located in: /amd/cm/usr/local/web/CCRMA/Courses/220b/week4.

Some major steps and graphics in working on such a model

The Task

Buiding a model of context formulation and resulting expectations created by a listener while attending to tonal music. The model uses modular subnetworks to simulate the distinct yet mutually influential schemas involved in constructing expectations for sequential events and the temporal cyclical grid that creates metrical support for these expectations. The model visualizes the fluctuations of musical expectations that arise as a consequence of the dynamically changing musical context.

The Corpus

The corpus contains 15 sequences of dupled meter chord progression and more 15 for triple meter.

Architeture and Representation

The Learning Phase
error graph

In the learning phase the net learns to reproduce the 30 examples, the error graph gives indication for the quality of the learning process as a function of 1500 learning steps.

The Generalization Phase

More Details