Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics and Spatial Processing

Music 220b (follows 220a)

Chris Chafe, 2-4 units, W 2:15 -4:05, Ballroom, Knoll Building

TA: Juan Pampin                                             List of Students

New Stuff

January '98 Real-time CLM Extensions

7 new extensions GUI

on-the-fly waveform and fft display

real-time formant filter instrument

lab1: r-t analyzer
14 singing voice synthesis Subtractive Synthesis model lab2: bass->soprano

lab2: results

21 external audio input to real-time CLM, effects processing, signal detection (envelope follower),
Ring Modulator for Mantra performance
lab3: line-in

lab3: results

(due Feb 4)

28 spatial, reverb, effects localization of sound, the CLM reverb family, multichannel projection


February '98 Algorithm Design

4 compositions introduction to algorithmic control

works of Reich, Schloss, Chowning, Schottstaedt, Lucier

more on the logistic equation

lab4: logistic map

lab4: results

(due Feb 18)

11 real-time performance algorithms in performance with MIDI, DSP, envelopes

Mantra rehearsal

end-of-quarter work applying algorithms to singing synthesis

project description
18 analysis of performance vocal technique under a microscope

notation and representation: micro-structure of spoken dialogue

25 auditory scene analysis neural, perceptual levels, feature maps, computational ASA

March '98 Projects

4 45 min. project presentations 1) ATS - SMS [TF, HT, CC, UN]

2) FM [PC, DG]

11 45 min. project presentations 3) FOF - Chant [CR, MZ]

4) Granular [JN, AT]

finals slot 45 min. project presentations 5) LPC [RL, OB]

6) Physical Model [PH, AM]