Music 220b: Approximate Lecture Outline, Winter 1995

Jan 9
Introductory Class
Jan 16
Stella's Algorithm, Introduction to Item Streams
Jan 23
Stella's Object Classes, Item Streams and SynthPatches
Jan 30
Chords, Waveform Database, Loop Macro
Feb 6
Lisp Functions, Simple FM Synthpatch
Feb 13
Phrase-Level Envelope Functions, Tuning Theory, DefScale
Feb 20
Monophonic Algorithms, MIDI Output Syntax, MusicKit MIDI, Defmacro, Backquote
Feb 27
MIDI Recording, Map Command, Soundfiles, Mixsounds, Sound Data Write
Mar 5
Parts, More Item Stream Patterns, Sprouts, Mute Containers
Mar 12
Projects Due, in-class listening session (no meeting during finals)

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