Welcome to Music 220A, and to CCRMA for those of you who are new here!

This page will consist largely of supplemental information, which I will be adding over the course of the quarter.  It will soon include the following:
    Posted answers to questions I am asked.
    Specific bibliographical information for those of you who are interested in further reading.
    A Common Lisp tutorial that will run roughly parallel to the material presented in class.   This tutorial will include both those functions we cover in class that are essential or specific to clm, and sections with additional examples of functions and discussions of programming methods for those of you who are interested in learning more about Common Lisp.

If any of you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me or talk to me any time you see me.
The official web page for the course is located at http://www-ccrma/CCRMA/Courses/220a.

Week 1:  Introduction to CCRMA and CLM

    Basic Unix Commands and Linux features -- a basic Unix tutorial so each of you gets off on the right foot.

    For those of you with any questions about the entire process of saving an instrument, compiling it, and getting sound out of the computer, go through this  step-by-step tutorial.


 Week 2: Digital Sound, Additive and Wavetable Synthesis

    Constructing, Accessing, and Manipulating Lists and Arrays in Common Lisp
    Quick Reference Page--a list of the functions explained in the above tutorial on lists and arrays, with brief examples for each function.
    Additive Synthesis Instrument Design Considerations--a partial walk-through of how to create an instrument that can synthesize tones based on the spectral data of acoustic instruments.   Includes a page full of hints and questions to direct you as you work this week.    This is only a first draft for now, so it will be under revision, but I wanted to get something posted now.   Everything you need to complete the assignment is contained in these pages and the above Quick Reference Page.

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