Tips to place homework files

Please make sub-directories to place a copy of the files in your web directory(on CCRMA account), exactly like this:



It should then be linked into the results pointer on the course web site.

How to make directories and move and copy files? Clike here

snd files on clm

Whenever you created a snd file through compling and loading on clm, the snd file is automatically placed as "test.snd" in the directory /zap/. It shows like /zap/test.snd.
To copy this "test.snd" files in your web directory, you can type unix commands as follows:

>cp /zap/test.snd ~/Library/Web/220a/hw1/xxx.snd

Or, you can open /zap/test.snd on snd application and save it as a new name in your directory.

List of Homework from MUS 220A

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  • Homework 2
  • Homework 3
  • Homework 4
  • Homework 5