220a Texts and Resources

Title Author Comments
Computer Music Tutorial Curtis Roads It will be a valuable longterm reference and is by far the most comprehensive and clear introduction to computer music, particularily synthesis techniques
ANSI Common Lisp Paul Graham Paul Graham's ANSI Common Lisp is a concise, clear book. But probably more useful for people who have had some programming experience. For absoulte beginner the various online tutorials that I will show will be a good starting point.

Lisp Tutorials

http://grimpeur.tamu.edu/~colin/lp/ very good online tutorial
roughly the same depth and coverage as section
http://www.cs.tulane.edu/www/Villamil/lisp/lisp1.html basic interactive tutorial
http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/CCRMA/Courses/LispWorkshop/Welcome.html notes from a lisp workshop taught at CCRMA
good coverage, examples drawn from music definitely have a look here
http://www-ccrma.stanford.edu/CCRMA/Software/cltl/clm/clm.html Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition.
This is the standard reference
Use it whenever you are unsure of some keyword of syntax
this is the place to look for information on format and loop

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