Music 220a: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
Autumn Quarter, 1999 
(leads into 220 b,c,d)

  CCRMA,  Music Department
  Chris Chafe
Unjung Nam and Parag Chordia, TA's 

  Grading Type:  Optional CR/NC                Unit Range:  02-04
Course Number:  540-220-A-01
  Meets:  T 10:00am-12:50pm in Knoll Ballroom
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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
28             flutes
texts Pierce chapters: 1,2,3,A
chapters: 8,10,11,
5          radiation
unix hints tips on xemacs
12          control
HW2 due 19th
chapters: 4,5,6,7,9 19       synthesis
tips for HW3 due 26th
26       analyzers1
HW4 due 2nd
2         analyzers2
ATS report ICMC99
9         history (article)
16         concert
23 25 26 br... 27 ...e...
28 ...ak 30